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Life’s short — save time!

You’re a busy person, so the last thing you need is to spend your time at the rental counter. Beat the system by taking advantage of Budget’s RapidRez and Fastbreak services. The time you save will be your own!


Faster reservations. Less time at the counter. A RapidRez number (formerly BCN) speeds the reservation and rental process by automatically applying your personal data, vehicle preferences and special discount information on your rental agreement each time you rent with Budget. Just ask any Budget counter representative or reservation agent about the many benefits of RapidRez!

If you’re looking to save even more time (and who isn’t?), adding Fastbreak service to your RapidRez number is the choice for you. No papers, no waiting! Budget keeps all your rental preferences on file, and your signature too, so you can skip the lines altogether at more than 500 worldwide and never have to fill out another rental agreement!

Two ways to save time: Choice or Counter locations
Fastbreak Choice, available at many major U.S. airports, is the easiest way to rent from Budget. Just confirm your reservation at the kiosk in the Budget lot, select your favorite car from your designated car-class area, show your driver’s license at the exit booth, and you’re on your way! Now wasn’t that easy?

At Fastbreak Counter locations, show your driver’s license to the counter agent, get your keys, and off you go!

Rapid Return
With Rapid Return, available at most major Canadian and U.S. airports, just drop off your car and we’ll print a return receipt for you right there in the lot. Each time you use Fastbreak, Budget helps you Get In, Get Out, Get GoingTM with the fastest, easiest rental experience possible. What could be easier?

Get a RapidRez number with Fastbreak service today and you’ll be on your way to speed renting in no time!

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